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An experienced system supplier with vast competence ranging from engineering to electrical systems and plastic products.

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Fluid Collaboration.

From the first meeting to the production, the goal is to help our customers reach their true potential. The dedication and expertise of our people allows us to adapt to the unique needs and timetables of our customers. It is through craftmanship, attitude and experience that our crew is making complex easy.


Personal service with scalable solutions.

1 ⏤ Scoping and offer

Together we define and scope the project so that you can reach your goals. The scale and documentation will be defined and a team assembled, so that your ideas can be transformed into functional products.

2 ⏤ Engineering & Design

Navix designers get to work. We start acquiring materials and deliver documentation for client approval. A prototype of the project will be delivered and approved to the client.

3 ⏤ Production

Navix team updates documentation as requested and final drawings are approved. Then it's time to move over to our production facilities in Haapsalu, Estonia.

4 ⏤ Delivery

Upon delivery, you'll receive the final product alongside with documentation. Then it's time to embark. See? Complex made easy.

Holistic solutions
for any problem.

We design and engineer solutions to problems of all sizes, our years of experience have shown that a holistic approach creates the most value. We have expertise to handle a broad range of solutions from state of the art electrical wiring to mouldings and parts built to fit.

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Integration of process made easy.

Every product is designed, engineered, and produced to fit effortlessly into the customer’s manufacturing process – to make a complex part of your business easy.

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Trusted service and quality.

We offer you a high quality end product and documentation, but also a lifelong line of assistance. Whatever you may need to reach your next goals, be it dashboards or unique design elements, we are just one phone call a way from making complex easy.

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Personal service with scalable solutions.

1 ⏤ Engineering

Our in-house designers and electric engineers actively participate in the design process, ensuring the best possible outcome, tailored to customers’ unique needs. Advanced modeling simplifies the process and makes work easier for different parties.

Some of the things we offer:

Electrical wiring systems


Technical drawings

2 ⏤ Design

Our design teams help customers to carry out bright ideas into high quality products focusing on functionality. We provide customers with individual ideas and designs, honoring the true DNA of our customers' brand. Renderings and prototyping helps us to achieve our common goal.

For example we design:


Interior parts

CAD drawings and 3D models

3 ⏤ Production

We produce our products with pride and perfection. We are able to produce a large range of different custom made products. Our production facility produces more than 5 000 different custom made products for our customers and each year the range of custom made products is growing.

Our production expertise includes:


Custom made components

Plastic moulded parts

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